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We are a §501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.
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It is the mission of Treinta y Tres to connect people from all over the world through the joy of dancing Rueda de Casino.
  • To provide affordable community events that are family-friendly and inclusive.
  • To give performances as a means to spread cultural awareness and grow the Treinta y Tres community.
  • To further the education of Cuban culture through trips and projects.
  • To bring an authentic style of Rueda de Casino to Delaware.
  • Community
  • Authenticity
  • Excellence
  • Inclusiveness

Michael Payne - founder, instructor

Eddie Torres - co-founder, El Gallo

Julius Coles

Susan Payne

Paul Phillips

Ellen Romero

Maria Rusu

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“Oh my Gosh!... That was so much fun!!!”  “I can’t stop smiling!!!”  “I’ve never done anything like that before in my life!  I loved it!!!”


These were just a few of the exclamations Mike and Eddie were hearing EVERY TIME they went out dancing and introduced people to Rueda. These exclamations quickly turned into requests… “Are you guys dancing next weekend?!?!”  “Where will you be?!?!”  “I wanna do that again!!!”  


Here we were, just 2 ordinary guys dancing Rueda… but something shifted.  Social dancing was no longer just about two people… it was about a group… and all are welcome.  The culture of Rueda de Casino began to take over and the magic of Rueda began to happen.


Gathering groups together for “Rueda jam sessions” inside people’s living rooms, down in basements, and even backyards became habit. We loved it!  And we loved the energy, the happiness, and the excitement everyone felt when coming together to embrace such a joyous experience.  We wanted more!  More!!  MORE!!!


“Eddie…?”  “Yeah Mike?” “Let’s make a team!” “YESSSSSS!!!”


We looked around the living room at the group of people (a Romanian musician, a part Cuban Zumba enthusiast, a working mom from the Philippines, a bus driver, a computer guy from India, an engineer, a DJ, a school teacher, a police officer, a chemist, etc) – the diversity was insane! And here we were… connected by the incredible synergy of Rueda.


“Guys, y’all wanna make this official?  Wanna make us a Rueda dance team?  We’re going to keep doing these “jam sessions” anyway, so why not for a dance team…”




And just like that, Treinta y Tres was born in the summer of 2019.  Social dancing rose to new levels of fun.  We’d show the people Rueda and then welcome them to join… there was NEVER a shortage of people jumping in!  It quickly evolved to performances at talent shows, clubs, social events, parades, community events… the list goes on!  The draw was electric.  People wanted to get involved.  The movement has taken on a life of its own!  From community activists contributing their time to help promote and grow the team’s notoriety, volunteers helping with creating a website, to children dancing with Treinta y Tres in the streets of Wilmington, the outpouring of love and support has been amazing!  And as the movement continues to grow, we watch with pride as the smiles on people’s faces light up the room EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


“Your group is doing something so special.  The smiles on people’s faces says it all. Thank you so much for bringing this to our community.”  


“Following a tragedy years ago, the month of August had always been a month of depression for me.  This August you introduced me to Rueda.  You touched my soul.  And there was a shift that I cannot explain.  Because of you, August is now a month of happiness.”


“Pure joy.”


We can’t wait to connect with YOU!!!

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