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DJ Timba titan


Just as good outside the booth as he is in the DJ booth…
"truly the double threat"!!! Over the years, Cedric has trained, taught and performed with some of the best dance companies In the DMV such as KayaDance, GeorgiaBoy Dance, DancelnTime, The DC Casineros and Energetic Soul (Detroit, MI).

He is the founder of Rueda de Casino Baltimore, where the focus is giving his students knowledge of Son, Rumba, Casino, and Rueda de Casino and some exposure to other forms of Afro-Cuban dances, so they can simply become great social dancers that can adapt to any style.

In the past,  Cedric has masterminded and provided the DMV area with some of the best dance socials and mega parties, such as Baltimore Cuban Dance Party: and workshops, working with greats such as DJ Dola (Co-founder of the SalsaUnderground Washington DC), DJ Reyna, DC Casineros, Saoco DC: Kati Hernandez of Los Angeles CA; DJ Walt Digz of San Francisco, CA, and DJ Asho; Ruedame of New York, Fukuta of NY; Philly con Sabor of Philadelphia, PA; SalsAtlanta,; Clahvay of Atlanta, GA; SalsAries of Cincinnati, OH; Dile Que No of New Orleans, LA and the Ville Casineras of Louisville, KY and Boston Rueda of Boston, MA.



Veronica MJ aka DJ Vspice has been active in the Latin music scene for over a decade, performing as a violinist with various Latin musicians and salsa orchestras in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware.  

Her Ecuadorian roots have also instilled in her a passion for dance, and she began her salsa dancing journey in Philadelphia taking classes with Laurel Card Latin Dance while also attending rumbas and socials throughout the city.


Her love of the music and passion for dance + the dance community quickly lead to her career as a DJ.  

She spins a vast range of Latin music all over Philadelphia and beyond, with her heart belonging to Salsa Cubana and Timba. She is thrilled to be able to bring the DJ Vspice experience to RuedX!


Andrea found social casino dancing in 2009. As one of the founding members of the Ville Casineras, she has traveled, trained, performed, and taught. In 2018, she trained with DC Casineros how to teach Casino and Rueda. In 2019, she was a co-organizer for the Louisville Mega Rueda. Right now, Andrea continues to travel as much as possible because of her love for Cuban dance and music. A current project of hers is the blog .


Alexa found social Casino in 2015. She has trained with the Ville Casineras, and in 2022 joined their performance team.

Up to now, she has danced in multiple cities throughout the US and a few international ones.

She coordinates Rueda502 which provides a space for Rueda dancers to practice their skills. Alongside her sister, she works on

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Co-founder and current director of DC Casineros Dance Company, Adrian has been teaching, and performing Son, Casino, rumba and other Cuban popular dances for almost 20 years. First place winner of the couple’s competition in Miami Rueda congress of 2009. Adrian has traveled nationally and internationally to teach and perform in all major Rueda de Casino feativals in the U.S. and some around the world.


As the artistic Director of DC Casineros, Adrian has coreographed, produced and create performances and one hour shows locally, nationally, and internationally at prestigious and popular venues, conferences and congresses including: the Kennedy Center, Smithsonian Museums, Dance Place Theater, San Francisco, New York, Miami and Atlanta Rueda Congresses, and the Nicaragua Salsa Congress, Sweeden Rueda Congress, to name some.


Adrian co-produces the CubaSon Congress in Mexico alongside one of his most trusted friends Ramses Sariol. Adrian and his Dance partner of almost 20 years Amanda Gill Are former Casino Para Todos foundation members and regional coordinators, were they both learned and are certified in Casino MCC technique which they use to maintain and conserve the importance of Danzon, Son and Casino dance structures for the present and the future generations.

Paul Cassens.jpg

Like many of his D.C. Casineros family, Paul Cassens was introduced to Cuban music, dance, and culture through Jim Lepore at George Mason University.
He has performed and instructed with both the D.C. Casineros and Azucar, the GMU Salsa Club – where he was introduced to Rueda de Casino by Digna Rodriguez. Paul has performed throughout the Washington D.C. metropolitan region, Virginia, and many cities throughout the country. In 2016 he had the privilege of performing with the D.C. Casineros in Santiago de Cuba.
With a background in music, Paul enjoys playing and studying Afro-Cuban and Western Art music. He lives, drums, and dances in northern Virginia.


Ethan is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and some might say cult leader (according to "court filings") from New York, the greatest city on this green earth. He is a dancey boi who especially likes to focus on rueda de casino, rumba, and Afro-Cuban folkloric dance and music.


Ethan has honed his skills teaching Americans in Mexico, Norwegians in Spain, and action figures (not "dolls," Dad!) in his own bedroom. You can learn about his classes, follow his shenanigans, or leave vaguely threatening insults here.


Carol has 11 years of Ballet experience. Student and discipula from European renown ballet legend Filo Feliu, main character during more than a decade at the famous Liceu Classic Theatre in Barcelona, Spain.

With additional 15+ years of Salsa and Rueda de Casino dance experience, Carol has danced with Jose Barretto in Boston Rueda, organizing Rueda de la Calle in Cambridge, MA (Rhone Park) and dancing, performing and choreographing with MIT Casino Rueda, in Boston. Now she co-runs Rueda at the Park NY with Ethan Wagner in NYC.

Carol is a lover of geometry and symmetry applied to dance, which leads her to be specialized in Rueda de Casino Structures. She loves traveling around the globe for the love of Rueda and she has participated in several Rueda festivals in USA, Europe and South America, like SalsaNor Rueda Congress, Puro Casino y Sazon from Jorge Camaguey and Timbeando Festival. 

She dances, learns and creates new student groups wherever she goes, like she did in Spain during 2018, being the pioneer on teaching rueda structures in Barcelona, for the first time in the city. She currently teaches and learns with the advanced group in Manhattan, and also teaches a student group in Queens, NY.

Carol has also has participated and organized the International Rueda Yearly Flashmob in Boston, NYC and Barcelona. The Barcelona International Flashmob gathered more than 150 people in Ciutadella Park, a record never seen in the city where Carol grew up. 

Carol has also contributed to several blog articles about dance and she is an Online Marketing expert.

The dance experience has taught Carol several skills that have helped her to improve her personal and professional life. Because dance is a vital part of Carol’s life and has helped her to regain her physical voice, she believes on the neurological benefits that dance can bring to all of us, so now wants to help others to learn and take advantage of the benefits of dancing and to use dance as a tool to get confident and motivated. Carol also gives talks about her journey and Dance and Resilience.

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