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CUBA 2020

Our group had the opportunity to travel to Cuba, primarily to elevate our Rueda experience.  We were exposed to Cuban culture and learned a lot of new Rueda moves that we plan on sharing with our community.  

The one word that epitomized this trip for me is:  serendipitous.  Everything that happened contributed to a richer experience for each and every one of us, and brought us closer as a group.  What a blessing to have had this experience!

- Marissa

Cuba was a dream that was made a reality.  The experience as a whole was rewarding in so many ways.  Many wonderful memories shared with friends who have become family.  Experienced growth as an individual and as a dancer.  Truly a memorable experience.  Can't wait to visit again.

- Ellen

Alexander Abreu is the artist that opened the world of Cuba and Rueda de Casino to me.  Lisandra Garcia is the artist who motivated me to pursue this trip.  There were countless stars (including a shooting one we saw at dinner) that aligned that created magical moments on this trip.  There I was, dancing Casino with Lisandra Garcia directly in front of Alexander Abreu in Cuba!  

Yet, outside in line for the concert, when we didn't even know he was performing, a teammate realized my dream was about to come true.  The excitement in her eyes over the happiness I felt... that moment meant more to me than all my other dreams combined.  The way we all embraced this trip, the way we became a family... THAT is what Treinta y Tres is all about.  This experience was truly a blessing.

- Michael

Cuba, an amazing experience!  Grateful for the opportunity given to be part of 33's journey.  Not only did I get to experience this journey with my best friend, I also gained so much more with my other half of the 33 crew.  Even though I din't know what the outcome of this trip would be, I was all for it!  Just going with the flow due to my simplicity.  My decision to join the team on this trip turned out to be a memorable one.  I learned the Cuban flavor with some extra SABOR to it. <3  Dancing with 33 was epic!  I never danced as much as I did in Cuba in my whole entire life, which was such an amazing feeling.  A great high, off something that I love to do with a team that welcomed me with open arms.